US Media Beating the Drums of War Against Iran

Jess & Jamal discuss the recent attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. The United States, which has accused Iran or its proxies of carrying out a May 12 attack on four tankers off the UAE’s coast as well as the May 14 drone strikes on two Saudi oil-pumping stations, blamed Iran for today’s attacks without providing any solid evidence.

They also discussed the recent human rights violations in Sudan and attacks on peaceful demonstrators calling for reform and accountability, after the ouster of President Omar el-Bashir, who was charged with corruption.

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Jared Kushner’s Incompetence & Colonial Mentality

Jess and Jamal dissect Jared Kushner’s interview on Axios/HBO. His interview with journalist Jonathan Swan revealed Kushner’s underlying Zionist and Western attitudes toward the Palestinian people and oppressed people of color in general, as well as his utter lack of credibility or experience in diplomacy. Kushner questioned the Palestinians’ right to self-determination, putting the burden on them to prove they are deserving of freedom, justice, equality and their human rights.

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