Palestinian & Israeli Elections: Who Benefits?

Palestinian legal expert and analyst Diana Buttu weighs in on the Israeli and upcoming Palestinian elections.

Jess and Jamal discuss the recent mass murders in Atlanta and Boulder and the intractable problem of gun control in the United States.

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She Dared to Speak Out

Dr. Stavit Sinai talks about why she’ll refuse to pay a fine to a German court for disrupting a speech by a former Israeli Knesset member.

Jess & Jamal discuss the protests in Jordan due to the tragic death of COVID-19 patients in a hospital. They also talk about the rise of racist verbal and physical attacks on Asian Americans.

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Israeli Soldier Loses Lawsuit to Stifle Free Speech in US

Guests Palestinian-American activist Suhair Nafal and her lawyer Haytham Faraj discuss their win over a defamation suit brought against Nafal by Rebecca Rumshiskaya, an Israeli soldier. Faraj calls the victory “important for preserving the Arab American and Palestinian communities’ First Amendment rights to free speech, including political speech.”

Jess and Jamal discuss the upcoming Palestinian legislative elections scheduled for May 22. They also look back at how the pandemic has upended our lives, one year later.

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International Women’s Day: Israel Incarcerates More Palestinian Women

Attorney Yafa Jarrar talks about the Israeli military court sentencing of her mother, Palestinian politician Khalida Jarrar, to two years in prison.

Jess and Jamal discuss opposition to the International Criminal Court’s decision to proceed in investigating Israel for war crimes. The US claims Israel has been targeted unfairly.

Phil Pasquini reports from Washington, DC about QAnon and the myth of Donald Trump’s re-inauguration.