Imbalance in US Foreign Aid

The Palestine Museum founder, Faisal Saleh, shares his vision of researching and preserving Palestinian history, culture, and art. To learn more: 
Virtual online auction:

Jess & Jamal examine US foreign aid, as the Biden administration contemplated imposing new conditions on aid to Egypt due to human rights abuses, while US Congress progressives renewed effort to prohibit the delivery of US-made bombs to Israel due to its targeting of civilians in Gaza.

A Cartoon is Worth a Thousand Words

Brazilian Political Cartoonist Carlos Latuff talks about his activism and lifework, which spans from South America to the Middle East and beyond. Learn more about Carlos

Jess and Jamal discuss the escape of six Palestinians from high-security Israeli prison. They also reflect on the global impact of 9/11, twenty years on.

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Why Did Algeria Cut Diplomatic Ties With Morocco?

Professor Abdelkader Berrahmoun from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California explains the reasons and historical background that led to the recent diplomatic breakdown between Algeria and Morocco.

Jess & Jamal evaluate the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which was described by President Biden as an “extraordinary success.” They also discuss the recent meeting between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

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Iran’s Nuclear Deal Works

Israeli PM Naftali Bennett said that he will work to convince Biden to abandon his plan to reenter the Iran nuclear deal. Our guest Samuel M. Hickey from the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation argues the opposite in his article, “How Iran’s Research Reactors Prove the Nuclear Deal is Still Working.” 

Jess & Jamal discuss the recent demonstrations to end the Israeli blockade on Gaza. And did Rep. Rashida Tlaib send the right message to Mahmoud Abbas?

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Afghan Women Abandoned

Heather Barr, interim co-director of the Women’s Rights Division at Human Rights Watch, discusses the plight of Afghan women after the Taliban have seized power in Afghanistan. She spoke to us from Pakistan.

Jess & Jamal discuss what went wrong in Afghanistan. They also talk about the resurgence of Covid in Israel, as former Israeli PM Netanyahu vacations in the US.

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Afghanistan: Graveyard of Empires?

Author Mona Hajjar Halaby talks about her newly published book, “In My Mother’s Footsteps: A Palestinian Refugee Returns Home.” Mona is a Palestinian-American educator specializing in conflict resolution in the classroom, as well as a social historian. 

Jess & Jamal discuss new Israeli attempts to draw the United States into conflict with Iran. They also talk about the Taliban’s blitz across Afghanistan, as American negotiators are trying to extract assurances from the Taliban that they will not attack the US Embassy in Kabul if they overrun the capital.

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Demystifying Tunisia

Cultural activist Hisham Ben Khamsa provides nuanced analysis from the capital Tunis after President Kais Saied sacked the prime minister and suspended parliament. Tunisia is coping with economic, social and health crises, with the coronavirus pandemic overwhelming its hospitals.

Jess & Jamal comment on the Israeli High Court’s decision to postpone ruling on the evictions of Palestinian families living in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem.

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The Politics of the Olympics

Journalist May Shigenobu discusses controversy over the opening ceremony at the Tokyo Olympics and Japanese politics during an uptick in Coronavirus cases.

Jess & Jamal comment on Ben & Jerry’s statement in the New York Times. They also discuss Tunisia’s crisis after its president Kais Saied suspended parliament.

Is Lebanon a Failed State?

Professor Rania Masri and Anis Germany, MD talk about the dire political situation in Lebanon, as the Lebanese people struggle through economic collapse.

Jess & Jamal discuss the Israeli meltdown over Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, as the company announces that it will end sales of its popular products in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Sentiments on Israel Shifting Among Jewish Americans

Author and human rights activist Miko Peled talks about the shifting sentiments among Jewish Americans towards Israel. He also discusses Israel’s racist Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law.

Jess and Jamal examine the Palestinian security forces and the crackdown on critics of Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas.

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