Netanyahu’s Sinking Ship

Jess & Jamal discuss one of Benjamin Netanyahu’s biggest setbacks of his political career, as he missed a deadline to form a new coalition government, pushing the Israeli Knesset to dissolve itself, and setting the stage for new elections in mid-September. Jess and Jamal make the case that Trump-Kushner’s so-called Deal of the Century may be the first casualty of Netanyahu’s sinking ship.

They also discuss Robert Mueller’s surprise press conference as calls for impeaching President Trump ramp up.

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Netanyahu Embraces Racist Kahane Followers

Jess & Jamal along with guest Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi discuss Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who recently embraced racist & extremist Meir Kahane followers. Under the Netanyahu-backed agreement, the right-wing Jewish Home party will merge with the ultranationalist Jewish Power party, a move that is expected to boost both parties’ chances of securing seats in the Knesset after Israeli elections on 9 April.

They also discuss the terror plot by Christopher Paul Hasson, 49, a US Coast Guard officer suspected of drawing up a hit list of top Democrats and TV journalists.

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