International Women’s Day: Israel Incarcerates More Palestinian Women

Attorney Yafa Jarrar talks about the Israeli military court sentencing of her mother, Palestinian politician Khalida Jarrar, to two years in prison.

Jess and Jamal discuss opposition to the International Criminal Court’s decision to proceed in investigating Israel for war crimes. The US claims Israel has been targeted unfairly.

Phil Pasquini reports from Washington, DC about QAnon and the myth of Donald Trump’s re-inauguration.

ICC Opens Door to Holding Israel Accountable

Legal expert Diana Buttu discusses the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) ruling that it has jurisdiction over the territories occupied by Israel in 1967, opening the way for an inquiry into allegations of Israeli war crimes in the region.

Jess and Jamal discuss President Biden’s approach to human rights in the Middle East, specifically Saudi Arabia and Palestine. They also discuss Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

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